With the month of July behind us, it is inevitable that we start thinking about Back to School. While most students take the summer off, and many teachers try to leave their work behind for a few short months, Development Offices on campuses across the country are busy at work all summer long.

Philanthropy doesn’t take the summer off. In fact, summer is the ideal time to plan for the upcoming year, identify potential donors, reach out to existing supporters, and develop a strategy for converting new students, families, and alums to donors. Cultivation is the name of the game and when prospective donors realize they are appreciated simply for considering making a gift, they develop an affinity for the school. Smart development officers recognize back-to-school activities such as Homecoming and Parent’s Weekend as opportunities to touch base with donors in an informal setting and to introduce new faces to the school’s development office.

Take time to enjoy the remaining days of summer but don’t forget the philanthropic opportunities that come with it!