We are often asked by our clients for more resources on endowments, whether Board designated or donor restricted. Since your endowment typically is used for long-term organizational needs, a common and relatively painless way to grow the endowment is to build a strong planned giving program. Since planned gifts are received over an extended time period and, on average, often represent the largest gifts an organization receives, they make a natural revenue source to fund an endowment.

However, many organizations feel that their planned giving efforts are not maximized and are hard to focus on in light of more pressing annual fund needs. For organizations that are able to be more proactive in promoting these types of gifts, they have benefited greatly over the long term. To be successful in this area you must be committed to sustained activities that will lead to completed gifts and eventually increased revenue.

To help our clients in this area, TGC conducts a three-month planned giving audit. The audit involves gathering information and data in order to provide you with feedback and recommendations in the following key areas:

  • Appropriate policies and procedures including windfall policies
  • Planned gift potential including quantifying most likely prospects
  • Determine average planned gift amount and calculate the value of your future pipeline
  • Review and recommend marketing plan and appropriate materials
  • Review and recommend appropriate budget and staffing levels
  • Review and recommend appropriate cultivation and stewardship activities
  • Review and make recommendations regarding your endowment case for support
  • Relationships with professional advisors and planned giving integration with other fundraising activities
  • Review and recommend procedures for tracking and maximizing results from estates in the probate process

Let us know if you are interested in learning more by sending us an email at info@givingcollaborative.com.