Listen to helpful tips from national fundraising professionals.

The capital campaign has ended – how do you keep the fundraising momentum going?

What do you do to keep up fundraising momentum after your capital campaign has ended but a pandemic has begun? Kelli Rafferty, Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement at Elliott Health System in New Hampshire, shares her approach to this challenge on this episode. She shares her experience with maintaining a strong connection to her community through the involvement of senior leaders and volunteers and the consistent approach of relationship building and storytelling during this unprecedented time. 

Making the Most of Virtual Fundraising Events

For many nonprofit organizations, special event fundraising is often a big part of annual philanthropy goals. Lorelei Mitrani, Director Special Events at the Prevent Cancer Foundation, joins us to discuss how her foundation transitioned from a heavy rotation of traditional in-person events to completely virtual while actually increasing fundraising revenue. 

Maximizing Board Fundraising with Dan Murphy and Nancy Bussani from CommonSpirit Health

If you are working with a nonprofit board, you don’t want to miss this episode. Dan Murphy, Vice President and Chief Philanthropy Officer for Dignity Health Foundation Inland Empire and Glendale Memorial Health, and Nancy Bussani, System Vice President, Philanthropy Strategy and Governance for CommonSpirit Health, join us to discuss how to maximize board fundraising and prioritize relationship building and major gift cultivation as the key to board success. There’s a lot of practical information here that will help you create a more effective and efficient fundraising board.

Social Media Management for Nonprofits and Philanthropy Teams

Eric Brown, the Vice President of Social Marketing/Events for Outsuite Marketing/O.S. Social, discusses how nonprofit organizations should be using social media to further their cause and raise more money. We discuss the challenges that philanthropy teams face when approaching social media and listeners will gain some practical knowledge about different platforms, how to create content, how often to post and more. 

Nonprofit Marketing with Shane Pendley, President of Outsuite Marketing

Philanthropy professionals and nonprofits in general often struggle with the concept of marketing. This podcast is part one of a two part series on marketing and social media and features Shane Pendley, the President of Outsuite Marketing and OS Social, as he shares his thoughts and some practical tips on best practices in marketing and what this means for nonprofits. 

Healthcare Fundraising During a Pandemic, featuring Shannon Duval and Robert Faughnan from CommonSpirit Health

Shannon Duval, Senior Vice President of Philanthropy and Robert Faughnan, System Director, Major Gifts and Campaigns from CommonSpirit Health, one of the largest healthcare systems in the U.S., join us to discuss the challenges and opportunities of healthcare fundraising during a pandemic.

Aimee Marcella and Emily Brady – Fundraising After a Controversy

Imagine working for an institution that had been mired in financial and political challenges for more than a decade. And being tasked with increasing both alumni engagement and fundraising dollars. Emily Brady and Aimee Marcella, long-time fundraising professionals, both spent time working for the University of Bridgeport, an institution that had spent much of the 90’s in financial and political crisis, nearly closing its doors and then being financially rescued by an affiliate of the controversial Unification Church. This led to a two year faculty strike and the loss of thousands of students. When Aimee and Emily found themselves at the University in 2013/2014, the dust had settled and things were looking up. However, the hard work of engaging their constituents had just begun. 

Sarah Landman discusses Millennial Philanthropy

Sarah Landman is an experienced major gift officer, raising more than $500 million throughout her career. She is also the leader of two national fundraising consulting firms and is currently serving as Sr. VP at insightful, the philanthropy division at NewsBank. Landman also writes and speaks on the topic of millennial philanthropy at regional and national conferences. Today, we discuss the challenges (and opportunities) facing nonprofits that are trying to connect with millennial donors.